Strategic Mission Development

Purpose: To constantly strive to visualize what the United Church could be within the boundaries of Presbytery and provide the Executive with guidance, suggestions and recommendations that contribute to strengthening congregations in their role of growing disciples. Tasks: Strategic thinking. Produce ideas and recommendations. Support and supervision of the Mission Development Officer. Identify areas for potential new units of ministry. Source data, intelligence for planning. Meetings: 2nd Tuesday @ 7:30pm Contact: … [Read more...]


Purpose: To maintain consciousness within the pastoral charges - and the Presbytery as a whole - about stewardship and its role in the overall mission of the local church and beyond. Tasks: Ensure that pastoral charges are aware of and using resources and programs that foster good stewardship of time, talents, human resources, money, natural resources, etc... Encourage pastoral charges to undertake regular stewardship programs to actively promote the faithful stewardship of time, talent, and money. Recommend annually to pastoral charges an objective for givings to the Mission and Service Fund. Foster and promote educational opportunities about the work and need of the Mission and Service Fund. Report regularly to Presbytery about the contributions of pastoral charges to the Mission and Service Fund. Meetings: At call of the Chair Contact: … [Read more...]

Regeneration Task Force

Vision: Our vision is to be a catalyst within Halton Presbytery to enable regeneration and revitalization of the Presbytery and congregations within Presbytery. Meetings: Monthly meetings on Thursday @ 7:30pm Contact: … [Read more...]

Pastoral Relations

Purpose: To work closely with Pastoral Charges seeking Paid Accountable Ministry personnel throughout the Needs Assessment, Searching, Placing, and Covenanting processes and to ensure that all such personnel are effectively supported and supervised. Tasks: Participate in Joint Needs Assessment and Joint Search Committees of pastoral charges. Review and recommend actions in connection with the Call, Appointment, Settlement, and/or Transfer of all Ministry personnel in Halton Presbytery. Ensure that all Ministry personnel carry-out their ministry roles in suitable patterns of support and accountability. Ensure that Ministry-personnel emergencies and critical personnel-related situations are dealt with in timely and effective fashion. Monitor and deal with matters relating to pensions, benefits, and insurance of Ministry personnel. Regular Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of most months @ 1:00pm. Also, members participate regularly in Joint Needs Assessment Committee … [Read more...]

Pastoral Charge Oversight

Purpose: To ensure that all pastoral charges within Presbytery are both supported and supervised as they carry-out their mission and work within the framework of the mission of the United Church. Tasks: On a scheduled or as-needed basis, visit and review the work, plans, needs, concerns, etc.. of all pastoral charges. Following the oversight visit(s), a report to Presbytery summarizes topics reviewed, emerging problems or concerns, and associated recommendations. Ensure that all proper records and documents of pastoral charges are properly kept and stored. Ensure that all General Council, Conference, and Presbytery policies relating to "Paid Accountable Ministry" personnel are effectively carried-out in pastoral charges. Provide the "Archives Committee" function for Halton Presbytery. Review and recommend action for re-organizational proposals in pastoral charges. Regular Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of most months @ 1:30pm. In addition to the regular meetings, … [Read more...]


Purpose: To ensure that the human resource needs of Presbytery [incl: Presbytery committees and representatives to Conference committees] are effectively met and that careful stewardship of Presbytery human resources is practiced. Tasks: Actively encourage pastoral charges to elect appropriate lay representatives to Presbytery. Arrange for job descriptions and selection criteria for participants in various roles and committees. Provide effective orientation program(s) for new Presbytery members. Encourage Presbytery members to actively participate in committees, etc. Meetings: At call of the Chair Contact: … [Read more...]

Finance and Property

Purpose: To ensure that all the financial aspects of Presbytery [incl: budgets, banking, auditing, accounting, etc..]are handled in business-like fashion and as set out in the latest edition of The Manual and to ensure that all matters of trust property of pastoral charges are correctly administered. Tasks: Prepare and monitor the annual budget and administer all financial matters of Presbytery - including administration of funds for development projects. Ensure that financial assessments are set annually and collected from pastoral charges. Recommend guidelines and draft policy relating to the effective administration of Presbytery. Review and recommend action for the use of any pastoral charge trust funds by congregations. Review and recommend action in connection with requests for incorporation within Presbytery; review suggested directors of corporations; review annual financial statements of corporations within Presbytery. Regular Meetings 2nd Thursday of … [Read more...]

Faith Formation and Outreach

Purpose: To support and encourage pastoral charges in their Christian Development, Worship, Social Justice and Outreach ministries by planning and implementing an annual Network Day raising the awareness of Halton Presbytery regarding Faith Formation and Outreach issues at monthly Presbytery meetings pastoral charges and the full court about Faith Formation and Outreach resources and programming available through the wider church acting as a conduit for information flow and assisting communication between pastoral charges Tasks: Encourage pastoral charges to share ideas, experiences, and resources for programming. Assist pastoral charges to obtain resources. Ensure that appropriate workshops and other events are held to respond to programming needs identified by pastoral charges. Raise the consciousness and assist in setting goals for the various outreach ministries of the church. Meetings 2nd Thursday of the month, 7:30p.m., … [Read more...]