Chase The Chill

A woolly random act of kindness   

Here’s all the info you might need to get a project started in your own congregation.   We suggest you start by reading through the ‘reflection’ file which tells the story of our experience in the first year. The process & debriefing files offer more specifics which are helpful to understand.

graphicWe’d like all churches to stick with the date of last Wednesday in January. When we all Chase the Chill on the same day, the impact is magnified, and we can do one big publicity blitz. So we need to keep track of what churches are participating – please send an e-mail by December 1 to (with Chase the Chill in the subject line) to let us know if you’re on board this year!


In the interest of keeping things simple and consistent – we’re providing files of posters & signs for your use, newsletter announcement, instructions for volunteers, some photos, the logo (note that it is copyrighted & must be used as presented) and the tag which will be tied to every scarf. The tags are formatted to print on ‘geographics’ brand business card blanks – they are very simple to customize with your church’s information & then print. The blanks are readily available at stores like Dollarama and Staples.

We’re happy to help in any way … just email to Carol Hennigar at the above address or call (905) 271-0039. Remember … Chase the Chill is about so much more than scarves!


Chase The Chill Poster

Volunteer Instructions

Scarf Tags

Chase The Chill Graphic

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