Proposals to General Council 41 From Your Respective Courts

In preparation of the 41st General Council, some Pastoral Charges may be planning to submit Proposals. Paul Reed has prepared this document offering guidelines on this process. … [Read more...]

Vital Congregations: Tools for Cultivating and Nurturing Vital, Healthy Ministry

On January 24th, 2012, Halton Presbytery hosted a special workshop in our Vital Congregations series, this one entitled Tools for Cultivating and Nurturing Vital, Healthy Ministry. The presenter was Rev. Judith Gilliland, the Congregational Futures Development Minister of London Conference. For those interested in following up, here are the slides that were shown: Life Cycle Appreciative Inquiry Asset Mapping … [Read more...]

2012 Global Service and Learning Opportunities: Invitations from Partners

The following is a long to the current list of invitations from Partner Churches around the world, to participate in service and learning opportunities: This list is updated from time to time. Living and working as mission personnel in a cross-cultural context overseas is a unique opportunity and offers many gifts and challenges. These challenges are best met by people who have a deep and growing Christian faith, who are flexible, mature, resourceful, and who can live with ambiguity. These persons have a healthy sense-awareness, the ability to deal with unusual circumstances and are able to handle occasional high levels of stress. They have a strong commitment to God's mission of justice and peace for all, and particularly for those who are marginalized or oppressed. Know someone like this? Please encourage them to consider overseas mission service through The United Church of Canada. We have an intensive screening … [Read more...]


As part of our full court meeting on September 27th, we heard a presentation about Compañeros. This social enterprise brings groups, especially United Church groups, to Managua, Nicaragua to work on a variety of community development projects. You can click here to see their web site to get more information. … [Read more...]

Maize and Mulch – Good News in Africa

At our full court meeting on September 27th, our Persistent Friend Lorna MacQueen reported that by September 16th, the United Church had raised one million dollars to address the problem of famine in the Horn of Africa. This money is to be matched by the federal government. Lorna also told us about a "good news" video in YouTube. It tells about a similar drought in Zimbabwe - and the response, supported in large part by the United Church - that has prevented this drought from becoming the kind of famine that has devasted the Horn of Africa. Please click here to view this inspiring video. … [Read more...]