Mission and Service Update – as of Aug 29, 2014

Hamilton Conference Mission and Service results as of August 29th are below and Presbytery numbers are attached for your review.     Halton Presbytery Aug 29 2014 Hamilton Conference congregations have contributed the significant sum of $1.354 million to date and over $11 million has been raised nationally. If resources would help promote M&S in your congregation, please note five pages of M&S materials are offered at http://www.ucrdstore.ca/mission-and-service-fund.html?p=1  Many items are at no charge and free shipping is offered for a limited time. Also, M&S updates are posted regularly at http://www.stewardshiptoolkit.ca/current-m-s-givings Lisa Di VetoFinancial Development OfficerThe United Church of Canada                78 McBay RoadBrantford, Ontario N3T 5L4Telephone: 519.754.1803Email: ldiveto@united-church.ca     … [Read more...]

Hamilton Conference M&S Reaches $2.35 Million

Hamilton Conference Mission and Service givings are virtually the same as contributions made at this time last year, thanks to the committed support of our members. As president Keith Reynolds recently noted, M&S givings at the end of last year included two significant gifts that will not be repeated. Our current challenge is to erase the coming shortfall of over $200,000 represented by those gifts through additional individual and congregational gifts equalling $10 for each man, woman and child our congregations. Please take this opportunity to encourage members and congregations to support this vital United Church fund with their crucial and deeply appreciated gifts. Wishing you the blessings and joy of the season! Lisa Di Veto Financial Development Officer The United Church of Canada 78 McBay Road Brantford, Ontario N3T 5L4 Telephone: 519.754.1803 Email: ldiveto@united-church.ca   … [Read more...]

Hamilton Conference M&S Givings Continue to be Strong  

Today’s Mission and Service reports show Hamilton Conference ahead of contributions made at the same time last year – wonderful news! Our conference’s generous members and congregations have contributed the second highest amount in the country ($1.876 million). http://www.haltonpres.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Halton-Presbytery-MS-as-of-October-18-2013.xlsx continue your vital M&S support as we enter the final weeks of the year. Nationally, donations to date are behind 2012 results so every donation is crucial. Thank you for your committed support! Halton-Presbytery-MS-as-of-October-18-2013 National-Results-as-of-October-18-2013 Lisa Di Veto Financial Development Officer The United Church of Canada 78 McBay Road Brantford, Ontario N3T 5L4 Telephone: 519.754.1803 Email: ldiveto@united-church.ca … [Read more...]

Financial Development Officer Update for Halton Presbytery September 24, 2013

As the FDO serving Hamilton Conference, I work with congregations to help strengthen their sustainability. Please contact me if you wish to book a leadership meeting to review your financial status, revenue generation opportunities and legacy giving options. Click here to view the Halton Presbytery Numbers as of September 20, 2013 Mission & Service Fund Hamilton Conference M&S givings to date total more than $1.6 million. Nationally, $12.7 million has been contributed to date. Halton Presbytery Mission and Service results are attached showing $408,500 contributed to date! Thank you for your support of this important initiative. Personal stories about why you give to M&S or how M&S supports the vital work of the Church are frequently featured in our national publications and communications. Please contact me if you would like to share your story. Upcoming Grant Opportunities October 15, United Church of Canada Foundation, Seeds of Hope Grant … [Read more...]

M&S Giving & Objective Report – Halton Presbytery

Click here for the full report.....M&S Giving & Objective Report - Halton … [Read more...]

Hamilton Conference: M&S Givings Continue Higher Than Last Year

Conference contributions are $43,611 higher than the amount given at the same last year with $855,986.35 submitted to date! Although six conferences have more congregations than Hamilton, only one (Toronto) has donated slightly more at this time.               National M&S as of May 31, 2013  http://www.haltonpres.org/?attachment_id=3445 Halton Presbytery May 31  http://www.haltonpres.org/?attachment_id=3444 … [Read more...]

Hamilton Conference Leads the Country in M&S Givings

  Although it seems like the 2012 Mission and Service campaign just ended, 2013 givings are well underway and  Hamilton Conference is leading the country in givings!  $327,160 has been contributed by congregations to date, an amount that is also an increase over 2012 givings. Halton Presbytery results are also attached for your review March 28, 2013 Halton Presbytery Across the country, more than $4 million has been donated to date as per the attached chart.  March 28, 2013 National M&S … [Read more...]

Heartfelt Thanks for Your M&S Gifts!

The people of The United Church of Canada gave generously for M&S in 2012! Together we gave $29,347,390 for United Church Mission and Service work in our neighbourhoods, across Canada, and globally. The campaign wrapped at the end of January 2013 with congregational gifts totalling $27,026,390, plus bequests of $2,321,000 applied to the 2012 M&S ministries. Even in the midst of financial struggles throughout the country and in our congregations, people have been generous. Our generosity has changed people’s lives. Our generosity shows M&S as a lively part of our church life and our faith expression. A special note of thanks to all ministry personnel, M&S Enthusiasts, UCW members, and many lay leaders for your faithful and creative leadership in promoting M&S. Thank you for your good and loyal work in support of our church’s Mission and Service. Check out your congregational results on the United Church website … [Read more...]