Pastoral Charge Oversight

Purpose: To ensure that all pastoral charges within Presbytery are both supported and supervised as they carry-out their mission and work within the framework of the mission of the United Church.


  • On a scheduled or as-needed basis, visit and review the work, plans, needs, concerns, etc.. of all pastoral charges. Following the oversight visit(s), a report to Presbytery summarizes topics reviewed, emerging problems or concerns, and associated recommendations.
  • Ensure that all proper records and documents of pastoral charges are properly kept and stored.
  • Ensure that all General Council, Conference, and Presbytery policies relating to “Paid Accountable Ministry” personnel are effectively carried-out in pastoral charges.
  • Provide the “Archives Committee” function for Halton Presbytery.

Review and recommend action for re-organizational proposals in pastoral charges.

Regular Meetings:

  • 2nd Wednesday of most months @ 1:30pm.

In addition to the regular meetings, Committee members undertake a number of Pastoral Charge visits throughout the year – each of which requires some 5 – 8 hours for preparation, visiting, and reporting.