Our people come together within the structure of Presbytery to devote their time and talent to assisting congregations to advance their mission.  This cooperative involvement in church life is in keeping with our Mission Statement, “Strengthening Congregations to be Christ for the World,” and we invite all to share the journey of “Growing Disciples”, the purpose of Halton Presbytery.

Halton Presbytery is a collaboration of individual churches within a geographic jurisdiction.  We share resources, learning opportunities and collegiality, to further our mission.  Presbytery also helps its churches to maintain a high level of personnel accountability and financial responsibility as mandated by the United Church of Canada.



The United Church of Canada operates on democratic principles, and Halton Presbytery is a local component of its governance system.  We are a “conciliar” church – that is, we works through councils, which are called “courts”, presently organized at four levels.  We receive leadership and guidance from Hamilton Conference, and from the General Council of the United Church of Canada.  Halton Presbytery and its churches are directed by The Manual, which contains the Basis of Union and the Bylaws of the Church. The Manual is revised following each meeting of General Council.



1)  Most members of clergy or professional staff within the presbytery (technically, all “presbytery accountable” staff).

2)  Lay members are elected by each church. Depending on the size of the congregation the number of representatives ranges from one to four.



All members of Presbytery participate in the work of the Presbytery by joining one of the Standing Committees of Presbytery. Speak to the current Chair of the Nominating Committee, or to any member of the Executive, for information about our committee work.

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