Traditional Music Ministry Job Description – Wellington Square

Coordinator of Traditional Music:

  • One who helps people draw near to God and into the experience of praising God through music.

Hours and Salary: 12 hours weekly: $17 000.00 annually

Please note: The abilities and responsibilities as described include those that are needed for this position but are not limited to those listed.


The prospective Candidate is able to:

  • Articulate a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Demonstrate:
    • A heart for the spiritual formation of the congregation and of the music ministry.
    • A passion for personal spiritual growth that focuses on leadership skills, musicianship and differing styles of music.
  • Inspire enthusiastic and positive attitudes as the worship leader of the congregation.
  • Establish a culture of teaming, specifically as a team leader and team builder.
  • Work collaboratively with ministry leaders, volunteers and church members to achieve the mission, vision and values of Wellington Square United Church.
  • Demonstrate:
    • Technical proficiency in voice as well as organ and piano.
  • Provide direction to foster the growth and development of all musicians.
  • Demonstrate:
    • Organizational and administrative skills.
    • Basic technical knowledge and skills relating to sound systems, video / screen projection and computer software.


  • Conduct weekly Sunday services.
  • Rehearse volunteer music ministry personnel in preparation for Sunday services.
  • Attend meetings as needed. i.e. Ministerial, Staff, Worship & Planning
  • Take direction from the minister(s) in planning worship services, specifically coordinating music with the theme & scripture as well as implementing specific requests.
  • Partner with Coordinator of Contemporary Music to plan and deliver worship services designed to achieve common overarching music ministry goals.
  • Recruit interested vocalists and instrumentalists as prospective team members.
  • Motivate and equip all musicians.
  • Provide music ministry personnel with feedback designed for success.
  • Expand and manage the technical worship teams.
  • Oversee song and choral selections, audio and visual media preparation and presentation.
  • Facilitate participation and growth in the music ministry by coordinating the schedules of music ministry personnel based on the availability of vocalists and musicians.
  • Provide spiritual leadership to volunteer musicians.
  • Introduce music worship teams to regular training through conferences, books and other ministries designed to expand and maintain a current music repertoire.
  • Research new music that achieves the annually defined music ministry goals and evaluate how the music achieved those goals.
  • Lend support to other music activities within the church community.
  • Plan and coordinate musical events that reach out to the wider community.
  • There are a number of hours required for weddings and funerals; however these do not form part of the job description. The agreement for such is between the Coordinators of Music and the individual(s) involved and these hours are paid for by a prearranged stipend.
  • Time spent teaching private music lessons at the church, while acceptable under the terms and conditions of employment do not form part of the job description.

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