Pastoral Charge Oversight

Purpose: To ensure that all pastoral charges within Presbytery are both supported and supervised as they carry-out their mission and work within the framework of the mission of the United Church. Tasks: On a scheduled or as-needed basis, visit and review the work, plans, needs, concerns, etc.. of all pastoral charges. Following the oversight visit(s), a report to Presbytery summarizes topics reviewed, emerging problems or concerns, and associated recommendations. Ensure that all proper records and documents of pastoral charges are properly kept and stored. Ensure that all General Council, Conference, and Presbytery policies relating to "Paid Accountable Ministry" personnel are effectively carried-out in pastoral charges. Provide the "Archives Committee" function for Halton Presbytery. Review and recommend action for re-organizational proposals in pastoral charges. Regular Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of most months @ 1:30pm. In addition to the regular meetings, … [Read more...]