Welcome to Halton Presbytery

united-church-bannerWelcome to Halton Presbytery.

We’re online to help you find the information you need about our 37 congregations here in Halton, resources for vibrant ministry and mission, and helpful news about the United Church in our world.

Think of Presbytery like the framework for our area congregations.  Congregations create space for people to connect with Spirit, for community to join in the journey as disciples, for hurts to be soothed, and joys to be celebrated.

Presbytery, then, is the hub for congregations to gather and share experience in ministry.  We resource one another, debate concerns, and find mentoring, counsel, training and challenge. As Christ calls us, we strengthen each other in our corner of the world.

We strive to follow the Spirit as it calls us to be the United Church in Halton.

God is alive and moving in Halton.  Presbytery strives to follow with joy.

Follow this link to discover more about Mission & Beliefs. You can also click this second link to read more about Halton Presbytery.